A truly nostalgic Teochew family recipe, Haoji’s cooking comes from a recipe handed down for generations. Each braised dish was prepared with the quintessential Teochew family style, using only the most aromatic spices and herbs.
The aromatic, succulent and smooth braised meat dishes is a culinary promise from Haoji in satisfying the yearning for a bowl of traditional Teochew comfort food.
Braised Pork Knuckle Rice, Braised Duck Rice and Braised Chicken Rice are some of Haoji’s most signature dishes that has made the stall an iconic fixture for patrons looking for the nostalgic and warm-hearted Teochew comfort food. Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s most iconic Heritage Food Village, Lot 10 Hutong, one can expect nothing less than the best! Nestled amongst many third-generations heritage cuisine stalls, Haoji’s braised meat dishes provides an expectation that tantalises your taste buds and warm your heart just as it excites the culinary senses of the many generations before.
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